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Code of Ethics for Load Despatchers Chhattisgarh

We, the members of the SLDCCG, in recognition of the importance of our functions in ensuring a secure and economic operation of the electricity grids in Chhattisgarh(India) and thereby making an improvement towards humanity, do hereby commit ourselves to the highest ethical and professional conduct and agree:

1) To maintain and improve our technical competence and our understanding of appropriate technology/processes, its advantages and limitations and also help colleagues in knowledge management and dissemination of knowledge.

2) To strive and evolve a shared vision among all stakeholders.

3) To accept responsibility in making decisions consistent with the safety, health, and welfare of the public; to recognize that public safety comes first followed by equipment safety and then the safety of the electricity grid.

4) To be honest and realistic in stating claims or estimates based on available data; ensure the highest standards of objectivity in both oral and written communication in any form.

5) To seek, accept, and offer honest observation of technical work and an healthy respect for others’ ideas, to acknowledge and correct errors, and to credit properly the contributions of others.

6) To maintain the highest standards of transparency in our day to day functioning

7) To be fair and neutral in all interactions without favouring any entity, irrespective of ownership, either through selective disclosure of information or in any other manner.

8) To disclose the interest, if any, in any market player either through holding of shares or employment of near members of the family or any other aspect which has the potential to influence decision making.

9) To maintain the highest standards of public conduct, never seek favours from any entity in any form including free or reduced fee for any industry sponsored event; observe the member organization’s policies strictly in the matter of acceptance of gifts etc.

10) Not to discriminate against any person including a fellow worker on the basis of age, sex, caste, religion, position or any other basis; to provide equal opportunity to all sections within the organization.

11) To encourage fellow workers, seniors and juniors to observe this Code of Ethics.